A newly demonstrated system which is fully automated separates out up to 400 magazine-fed needles per minute. The gripper of a linear robot driven by a servo motor picks up the needles from a carrier plate on which they are already correctly positioned for the mold inserts and places them in the injection mold. Then they get over molded with high quality plastic via a system. The cavity is heated and the rest of the molds are cooled generally. Inserts are isolated from the mold thermally to minimize energy losses and rapidly establish thermal equilibrium in the machine.

This method of producing disposable syringes is new and at the same time as the bi-axial handling device inserts the needles, a multiple-axis robot removes the injection molded syringe barrels from the fixed mold half. The cycle time is reduced because the barrel removal step takes place in parallel with the placement of a new set of needles. The needles are slide smoothly since the finished syringe barrels can then be siliconized in an integrated downstream station. Through this process of injection molding particle contamination through human contact is excluded.

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