Extrusion molding as a process has revolutionized the art of manufacturing high end products. Plastic extrusion as such is a high volume manufacturing process wherein raw plastic material is melted and formulated to form continuous products that we use on a regular basis. In fact this process is commonly used to make pipes, hoses, drinking straws, curtain tracks, rods, fibers and many more. The machine that use for manufacturing extrusion molds is pretty much similar to that of injection molding machine. There is a motor that turns the screw which in turn feeds the granules of plastic through a heater. Subsequently the respective granules melt to form a liquid solution which is then forced into a die that leads to its tubular structure. However, the shape of the die through which this heated molten liquid solution is fed through determines the shape of the end product/mold. Benefits of extrusion molds are certainly limitless.

The biggest advantage of the process when it comes to manufacturing variety of molds is that the process is a continuous process unlike intrusion molding process. The process gives a constant section. And this continuity in the process allows you to cut the end product to any desirable length. The continuous process implies continuous production which leads to high productivity late. Considering the fact that our present world is maintained at a rapid pace and the competition in the markets are quite high, it becomes all the more important for manufacturing industries to have high productivity rate for consistently meeting supply and demands. The machinated process is highly reliable in terms of producing high quality end products which implies that there is very little waste. And last but not least, products of any desirable shape or length could be created by just simply modifying the mold shape which subsequently makes extrusion molding process highly reliable and cost effective one.

The advantages of Extrusion Molding Process can be summarized as

• Low Cost

• Gives you more flexibility when it comes to manufacturing.

• Also gives you flexibility for post extrusion alterations.

Extrusion molding process gives you reusability options. The fact that the process makes use of thermoplastics which can undergo melting and hardening in a repeated fashion and the left over particular could be reused for manufacturing unlike in other molding processes makes it all the reliable and efficient. This same factor also considerably reduces the cost of required raw materials for the manufacturing process. The flexibility arises because of the consistent cross section manufacturing. By setting the machine to a stable cross section value, continuous production of similar extrusion molds can be made within no time. Besides, the plastic mold remains hot as it leaves the extruder section which allows you to make post extrusion alterations. Heavy manufacturing industries make optimal use of this advantage and use variety of dies, rollers, and shoes to alter the extruding plastic to fit their production requirements.

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