With diameter of 31.5 work capacity on vertically leaning table and 660 lb work and fixture capacity, HU63-T suits critical rotating components of gas turbine power generation systems. Nearly from 3axis like x, y and z mainly work cover is 35.4 x 31.5 x 31.5 in. and its supports 1,260 ipm federate as well as positioning the accuracy and repeatability of 0.00004 in. For B-axis, positioning accuracy was ±4 arc sec with repeatability of ±1.5 arc sec. Other features can include spindles rated to 800 lb-ft incessant and Fanuc 30iM control.

FRANKLIN LAKES, NJ - With the ongoing evolution of machining the 5-axis requirements to satisfy new power generation production needs, Mitsui Seiki has launches the HU63-T 5-xis Houston CNC Machining Shop Center. Characteristic applications include critical rotating components for gas turbine power generation systems.

The driver for the energy industry bang is fuel competence, attained by lighter weights, outstanding heat tolerance, and lesser packages. For a machine tool designer such as Mitsui Seiki, this is a lucky evolution as more sophisticated machine tools are required to machine these new materials and multifaceted precision parts cost-effectively. Mitsui Seiki has made a long history developing devoted machine tools for the energy industry.

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