Plastic Houston thread protectors are one type of Pipe thread protectors .It is used to vital role overall in the oil production process and are used to protect the pipes during the process of oil exploration and transportation.

Features of plastic Thread Protectors are protecting the threads of the pipes in case of impact, corrosion and contact with contaminants during the exploration and transportation processes. All plastic composite protectors can withstand rough handling conditions.

Houston Thread protectors are suitable for all types of handling or loading. It has lightweight in nature and their flexible shape makes installation, use and removal easy. These protectors usually feature Texas CNC Machining threads, enabling a perfect fit that reduces the chance of corrosion and helps eliminate wear and tear during storage or handling.

Plastic Thread protectors are used to wide range of temperatures, and have been tested to work in -50°F to 150°F and formulated to control thermal expansion and contraction in such extreme weather conditions. They are 100% recyclable. Plastic thread protectors take the efficiency and user-friendliness of thread protectors to the oil industries.

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