Milling Machine is a tool used to form solid materials. Milling Machines is divided into two types: Vertical Milling Machines and Horizontal Milling Machines. The vital difference lies in connection of spindle.

In CNC Vertical Milling Machine spindle is vertically connected to the top surface of device. One more part of Milling Machine is milling cutters. Milling cutter is detained within the spindle and can be rotated along with the axis. It is used for wounding and drilling. There are two different types of Vertical Milling Machines: Turrent Mill and Bed Mill.

 Turrent Mill:
In Turrent Vertical Milling Machine, spindle is set and connected to its top surface. In this type, table can be made to shift in vertical as well as similar direction in accordance with the spindle connected to it. Turrent Milling Machine is used for cutting and forming hard tinny articles.

Bed Mill:
This Vertical Milling Machine is bigger as compared to the Turrent Milling Machine. Here, movement of the table is incomplete to perpendicular way and spindle moves parallel to its own axis.

Horizontal Mills:
 Horizontal Milling Machine has a worldwide table. The name worldwide signifies that the table can be rotated and thus, milling is possible at many angles. Although the mechanism of both Vertical and Horizontal Mills remains the same yet horizontal ones have cutters mounted on the arbor which allows bigger supplies to be cut simply and can be detached with at a good pace.


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