During the first part of the last ten years has become a trend of global production of scour the sphere, the producers, which may produce components at the lowest possible prices. As a direct result of this phenomenon of "cost reduction" basic machine shops in the United Kingdom has become a consequent loss of production of the burst of the Far East.

But not every company Houston CNC Lathe Machine UK fully signed-up to play a role of ' hapless victim ' in this scenario, global and society in particular has decided to fill the balance completely changing their business model in order to compete for jobs previously lost to the far East.

Winton Precision Engineering located in Poole, Dorset, England, specializing in the manufacture of hydraulic parts for Excavator industry. 100% of their turnover is generated from the turned parts in high volumes and each year the activities of the machinery above 1.5 m component.

"We have experienced first-hand the tremendous changes in manufacturing components worldwide, primarily to the characteristics of our customer base of industry of excavator and type of product." It is no doubt that at times it has been extremely difficult for us to maintain our business even in the remotest way competitive, but in response to this challenge identified investment in machinery competitive price, fast and reliable was the only way forward for us.

In addition, the "test", Houston cnc machine shop cut one as soon as our current moving head Lathe and was much easier to program. Very quickly, all at Winton, you can see that the investments of those computers where it is an enormous help to secure the future of our company Dugard.

Since investing in the first machine 2 years ago, we went to install 5 more and now run 6 Dugard sliding Head lathes. Our business has grown, our workload increased and we now have multiple spindles for less money, that make our business a huge attractive prospect for customers who are looking for top quality processing in large quantities at competitive prices without the logistical challenge to have to import parts from the far East.

We are currently busy, as we ever were and 6 machines provide us a rich source of potential. Winton is now winning back the job he lost and now looking at a very positive future. We believe that the reason for this is very simple. … We are currently very competitive!
In summary the new Dugard sliding head lathe was a real eye-opener for us; their continued service is as reliable as their machines and although rarely we need engineers … when we do, their response is timely and professional, "notes Peter.

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