CNC Sinker EDM

CNC Sinker EDM

The conventional edm needs are satisfied by the CNC sinker edm as it is designed ethically with the current techniques to meet the present requirements concerned to the c axis. It is considered as another dimension in the CNC machining. Though it has several other names like conventional edm, ram edm and plunger edm, the method employs a bespoke electrode to eliminate metal in a comprehensive sample. Since it uses custom-built electrodes it produces sparks together with the surface of the electrode to machine, or thrust the cavity. The sinker electronic discharge machining process is supreme for a wide variety of applications which includes sharp corners, fine finishes, internal splines and many others. It is not restricted to aluminum, titanium, copper or brass. 

Electrodes for Sinker EDM machining are usually made from Copper, Graphite, or Tungsten reliant over work piece material and electrode wear necessities. Sinker EDM is perfect for close slots in aerospace and ground-based turbine workings, combined alternate pieces for the medical industry and any hardened or hard-to-machine alloys.

The Sinker EDM is the Solution for large sized complex parts that require fine finishing and close tolerances. It also ensures high accuracy Texas CNC machining process and save your space with reduction in operating cost.

We at EMD USA equipped with this C axis offer translate your product suitably to close tolerances with high degree of accuracy and quality. We as the Houston CNC Machine Shop satisfy your conventional needs and decrease the cost of operation and we are specialized in manufacturing small precision parts that needs CNC Sinker EDM.


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