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At our injection molding facility, we have the capability to make parts of high quality from engineering grade materials such as: Polycarbonate, Nylons, ABS, Acetyl, etc as well as flexible PVC, P.P. and P.E.

  • Shot capacity from 80 grams to 350 grams
  • Machines from 50 to 250 Tons.


This allows us to repair or introduce the modifications you may need within few days.

Consider that when you ship your molding to China, if there are repairs to be done, you will have to send it back and pay for shipping and other expenses.

The losses include having to wait a while to get your product back. Other concerns that you should have (that we've seen many times), are the risks of getting your project or parts copied and sold cheaper, problems inherent to the low quality of the molds (they do not last as long as ours), and low quality of the materials used.

Operating in a market where volumes are small and quality is paramount, we have introduced procedures that allow us to perform rapid tool and color changes together with in-production quality checking to cater to this requirement.

Modifications to plastic injection molds? There is no problem. We will go the extra mile for you!

When it comes to maintenance services on our injection molds you won't have to worry about that either because we will take care of the molds free of charge! You won't be getting invoices for broken ejector pins, leaking 'O'rings etc.

We want our customers to focus on orders and sales, not worry about if or when they will get their next shipment of plastic parts.

Parts are supplied according to your requirements in cartons or bags. Delicate parts can be packed in protective layers to avoid damage in transit.

plastic parts using metal inserts on mold base
sample parts with inserts
Thread protector for the oil industry
Thread Protector
Sample Injection molding parts for a variety of industries on different materials.