EMD USA Products & Services

EMD, Inc. has been providing CNC Turning, Milling and EDM services since 2000. 

We continuously strive to attain our customers total satisfaction and we promise prospective customers the same service and quality they have come to depend on.Our turnkey contract manufacturing services include, Custom Plastic Injection molds, CNC Vertical Milling, Turning EDM (SINKER & WIRE).

Design services are provided to help improve the quality of your project. EMD, Inc. provides pre-production engineering, complete manufacturing and secondary services, including castings, plating and coatings to offer you a complete turnkey experience at a competitive price.


CNC Machining

If you design it, we can build it. To support your precision tooling needs, we present a complete in-house precision machining department. We provide a full production machining and prototype assistance.
Our machined parts are available in most metals, alloys and plastics

Wire EDM Machining

Because of the new generation of high-speed wire EDM machines, wire EDM produces many parts more economically and accuratelly than conventional machining. Today, wire EDM competes seriously with such conventional milling, broaching, grinding, and short-run stamping.

Injection Molding

With over 30 years experience in the tooling and mold making industry EMD, specializes in custom injection as well as die making.
With cutting-edge equipment and vast experience, we offer a variety of custom injection services from early product design to final part production.

Custom Molds

We provide industry leading mold manufacturing methods for the plastics industry, which include design, manufacture and injection. Our project management services to our customers is second to none. We can handle every aspect of your aluminum, hybrids and steel custom mold manufacturing needs.

Sample Injection molding parts for a variety of industries on different materials.
Consumer plastic parts samples